Seal and Print

In-process printing is a great way to add compliant pouch information, such as expiration dating and lot traceability numbers.

MD-850 Medical Pouch Sealer

In a single step, the MD-850 and the MD-880 medical pouch sealers can also put compliant printing on the non-sterile side of the seal. Font size can be adjusted in order to accommodate smaller pouch widths. The system uses a dot-matrix printer head and prints on the TyVek side of the pouch for long-lasting printed image.

As the industry seems to move to an individual workstation solution for medical packaging, the MD-850 is an excellent response. Medical device companies have suffered the perils of a single, monolithic packaging machine and are now seeing the logic behind standalone workstations (blog post). Read our blog posts and learn more about what is trending in sterile device packaging standalone workstations. Efficiency has never been more important in order to manage costs in healthcare devices. To request a printed and sealed sample of your pouch, contact customer service at 800-550-3854. Learn More

A Better View

A human eye is an incredible machine. Despite our incredible computer and sensor technologies, we cannot even begin to touch the surface of the human eye’s amazing capabilities.


It has a 200 degree viewing angle, can see 2.7 million colors, and has a possible contrast ratio of about 1,000,000 to 1. The eye is the ultimate inspection device, and yet we seem to lean away from the human eye’s capability to other empirical data portals. In the medical device packaging industry, inspection and monitoring is king. In order for us to be certain that the medical devices that we cocoon to market are kept viable and efficacious, we need to use all tools available in science. Remember, the Viu unit now comes with a free download of our helper app that is available for your iPhone or Android device. Learn More

Packaging Blog

The medical device industry has become very dynamic. As the industry moves quickly with emerging medical device technologies, regulatory agencies are also rapidly moving to respond.

Jennifer Dean

Van der Stahl Scientific keeps a close eye on sterile device packaging and provides insights on our medical packaging blog. Visit our blog regularly to gain a clear perspective of current happenings in the sterile device packaging industry. Meet Jennifer Dean, our blog editor. She, along with our engineering group, contributes to our expanding blog. This year, the sterile device packaging blog will include additional issues outside of sterile packaging that relate to medical device manufacturing; furthermore, we will be investigating medical device manufacturing trends and other peripheral issues surrounding sterile packaging. We will also be inviting other industry experts to chime in on other issues, such as sterile device pouch testing in order to provide a well-rounded view of our industrial topics. As always, we invite all of our readers to comment on the blog, as your feedback strengthens the value of this thread. Learn More

Meet Charlie

After graduating with a Business and Management degree from the University of Redlands, Charlie continued his education at the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA, focusing on an expanding interest in medical devices.

[Charlie A. Webb]

Charlie began his device career with MicroDynamics, an innovative ophthalmic micro surgical firm and was a key component in developing new distribution throughout in Western Europe and South America.

During his time at MicroDynamics, Charlie took a new interest in mechanical engineering and ,despite Charlie’s duty as VP of sales and marketing, he spent a great deal of time co-developing a host of devices for the emerging industry of refractive surgery. Charlie is a certified management consultant through the Institute of Management Consultants, a certified packaging professional, certified through the Institute of Packaging Professionals and had great success in helping startup companies reach the managed healthcare venue. Charlie holds two US patents for medical packaging equipment as well as two additional pending patents.

Critical Medical Packaging Machinery

When packaging critical or sterile devices, the quality and performance of the machinery is paramount. Van der Stahl Scientific has led the medical device packaging industry with innovative, patented technologies to serve medical device manufacturers. Perhaps that is why our customer list reads like the who's who in medical device manufacturing. We have also served the general critical packaging market as a select vendor for NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If you are packaging a critical medical device, choose wisely. Choose Van der Stahl Scientific as your first choice for medical device packaging. Call us and tell us about your packaging challenge at 800-550-3854.

Medical Device Packaging Machine Superstars

When you need to package a medical device under the rigors of the ISO-11607, look no further than these proven performers. Through our network of users, these precision, long-lasting machines package medical devices slated for hospitals and surgery centers throughout the world. Call and contact our certified packaging engineers to learn why Van der Stahl Scientific is an obvious choice for sterile and critical packaging machinery.

MS-451 Medical Device Packager

MS-451PV Medical Device Packager
Medical pouch sealing and testing unit

Ten years in design and development plus two US patents later, the MS-451PV is here. This innovative medical device packager will change the way medical device companies manage their sterile packaging program. Learn More

MS-350 Medical Pouch Sealer

MS-350-NP Medical Pouch Sealer
Reliable and robust, our most popular sealer

Sterile device packaging's best friend is the MS-350 medical pouch sealer. The MS-350 medical pouch sealer has gained an outstanding reputation for nearly 20 years as a robust, reliable, workhorse of a sealer. Learn More

MD-850 Medical Rotary Sealer

MD-850 Medical Rotary Sealer
Validatable packaging and in-line printing

This advanced medical packager is German-designed and built for precision. The MD-850-US is an excellent choice for medical device companies who wish to seal their TyVek® and clear film pouch. This sealer can also print lot and dating information on the pouch. Learn More

V-402 Medical Vacuum Sealer

V-402 Medical Vacuum Sealer
Combine validatable sealing with vacuum packaging

This versatile microprocessor-controlled vacuum sealer represents the magnum opus of vacuum packaging. The V-402 sealer incorporates an advanced microprocessor that allows for precision fine-tuning of all sealer-controlled functions. Learn More

Medical Device Testing and Inspection

Never has it become more vital that medical device packagers test their pouches. Van der Stahl Scientific has created patented innovations that are designed to help medical device companies stay compliant. Learn more about our quick-loading sterile packaging test laboratory and our visual inspection device, the Viu, and find out how they can become a pivotal part of managing your sterile package quality plan. Learn More

PTT-100V Package Testing Unit

PTT-100V Package Tester
Now combined peel testing and inspection

Quality teams agree that the best way to thwart the risk of a packaging failure in the market is accurate and regular testing and inspection. A product recall due to packaging failures is a senseless risk that can devastate a medical device company. Learn More

Viu Visual Inspection Unit

Viu Visual Inspection Unit
Perform an ASTM 1886 visual inspection protocol.

A human eye is an incredible machine. Despite our incredible computer and sensor technologies, we cannot even begin to touch the surface of the human eye’s amazing capabilities. Ask about our iPhone reference app.
Learn More

Competent, Certified Support and Services

No matter the quality of the product, it will have little meaning without competent and accurate after-market support. Van der Stahl Scientific employs in-house certified packaging professionals who are certified through the Institute of Packaging Professionals. We even employ certified management consultants to better facilitate our machinery in the context of your application. Our service center is ready to provide quick turnaround on the service and repair of your machinery. Our metrology lab can perform high resolution calibration on your critical packaging machinery. From calibration, service and metrology, you can count on accurate and prompt service.

Packaging Compliance Tour

Route 66
Van der Stahl is on the road for better packaging

Van der Stahl Scientific is out visiting medical device manufacturers and discussing better ways to package and test their sterile pouches. Keep your eye on our tour schedule and let us know if you would like a visit from our sterile packaging compliance group. To find out more about this exciting tour, visit our 483 rescue page. Learn More

Our Engineering Group

Package performance and machine metrology lab

Van der Stahl Scientific has a host of devices dedicated to understanding and improving medical packaging quality. In our lab, we have even created our own patented machinery in order to better understand important issues, such as pouch integrity. Take advantage of our advanced analytical tools. To find out more, contact engineering. Learn More

Medical Device Packaging TV

Validation TV
Learn about sterile device packaging

Look in as medical device packaging experts discuss issues surrounding the sterile barrier system and medical device packaging protocols. Also hear from medical device manufacturing peers as they discuss their challenges staying compliant to the ISO 11607. Learn More

Returning Sealer For Calibration

Return Shipment
Proper packaging ensures safe arrival

Follow this link to read guidance documentation on how to safely prepare your machine for shipping for service or calibration. This link will also generate an SRA (service return authorization) number. Remember to pack carefully before sending. Learn More

What's new in sterile packaging...

Over the past decade Van der Stahl has been working hard to engender new sterile device packaging machines and pouch test equipment to help our customers meet and beat the sterile device packaging requirements of the ISO-11607. We invite you to take a few minutes to read over this quick primer on these new technologies and also link to the associated webpage where you can watch a computer-generated animation of these machines in operation.

I am sure you will agree that these new patented technologies will nicely suit your sterile device packaging program. So do what dozens of other medical device packing device groups have done; gather your quality assurance and packaging team and meet us in your conference room at your facility and let us tell you, and more importantly show you, why the Van der Stahl Scientific technologies make so much sense under the new, and more aggressive rigors of the ISO-11607. Stay compliant with patented technologies from Van der Stahl Scientific. Book your on-site seminar today by calling 800-550-3854.

Van der Stahl Scientific To Go

This year, we will be visiting select cities in our new mobile office/motorhome. We will be visiting medical device manufacturers and talking about how our patented technologies can help build a higher quality program for these esteemed companies. This expensive commitment to our customers is proof positive of our vision of sterile packaging.

Van der Stahl Scientific has always had a reputation of being somewhat bold and unique; we believe that old broken business models are a disservice to our customers. At the same time, we have resurrected some of the lost business process; like the good old fashioned sales trip and we have backed our belief with face-to-face communication with our customers on this epic road trip.

There are so many other compelling reasons to choose Van der Stahl Scientific. First and foremost we offer medical device packaging equipment that is exquisitely built for the arduous task of sterile device packaging validation. With patented products like our visual inspection data logging system, the Viu, and our MS-451PV, with its packaging lab built right into a sealing machine, our innovative products and services are unmatched in the industry. Wait, there’s more, because we currently have a patent pending on a new technology that will change the way device companies vacuum pack and test their pouch for the sterile market.

We provide our customers a concierge level of support that we are excited about. Van der Stahl Scientific is made up of quality people working in an efficient, lean organization that understands all of the challenges you face in a cost-controlled, capitated market. When you buy equipment from Van der Stahl Scientific, you are in great company as we serve all of the nation’s leading medical device manufacturing firms and have become a perennial favorite to medical device startups.

The list of reasons to buy from Van der Stahl Scientific is so long that we could fill a book, but call us and we would love to tell you more. Give us your tough questions and let us provide the answers for your sterile device packaging and to all of our long-term customers who have helped our company grow over the last 20 years, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Thanks for visiting our site today.

Count on Competent Technical Support from Van der Stahl Scientific

Van der Stahl Scientific employs Certified Packaging Professionals (CPPs), who are certified through the Institute of Packaging Professionals. We are on standby waiting to talk to you about your complicated critical packaging problem. We have helped thousands of customers reach their sterile device packaging goals and with twenty years of experience in critical packaging, we are confident in helping you in finding an acceptable solution to your packaging challenge. Call engineering at 800-550-3854, option 3.

More Than Just Packaging Solutions

Although known for our sterile device packaging solutions, Van der Stahl Scientific is also an excellent resource for marketing and distribution consulting services. Call and speak with a certified management consultant and learn how the Van der Stahl Scientific brain trust can give your firm an edge in the marketplace.